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London, L.A., Milan and Seoul, Anette worked internationally in creative design industry like fashion, graphic, advertising and visual merchandising. Anette studied graphic design in London at Central Saint Martins and ceramics in Seoul at Kyunghee University. With her backgrounds and experiences she developed a her unique aesthetic in her floristry. The Flower School Anette was set up in 2013, and the book was published in 2016, her school offers distinctive experience and learning. 

모던함의 간결함과 클래식함의 기본이 공존하는 아네트 플라워 디자인은 외국의 유명한 스타일을 모방하는 것이 아닌 그녀만의 디자인으로 우리나라에서 구할 수 있는 최상급 퀄리티의 국산/수입산 꽃과 소재로 만들어지는 오직 아네트만의 플로랄 디자인을 선보이고 있다. 플로리스트의 영역을 넘어 Interior Stylist, Visual Merchandiser, Graphic Designer를 넘나들어 꽃을 포함한 꽃이 있는 공간과 전체 컨셉을 이해하여 더욱 수준높은 아트 디렉션을 보여드립니다. 

 영국 런던의 Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design에서 Graphic Design, Illustration을 전공하고 영국, 이탈리아, 미국, 한국등에서 Visual Merchandiser, Graphic Designer, Art Director/Creative Director등에 이르는 다양한 디자인영역에서 활발하게 활동하는 아네트는 Floral Design이라는 디자인 영역에서 다른곳에서는 볼 수 없었던 감각적인 플라워 스타일링과 풍부한 경험에서 오는 세련된 감각으로 Audi Korea, Richemont Group(Roger Du Buis), SK Planet 과 사진작가 오중석 외 수준높은 다수의 클라이언트와 많은 작업을 해오고 있다.

The Flower School Anette



 Christmas display styling article for LG 틔운 with 행복이 가득한 집 12월호, 2022 

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 Christmas tree decoration for Sokoa hanam misa branch, 2022 

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 Christmas tree decoration for Danam Tower, 2022 

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 Wedding photography flower decoration and styling for 오중석웨딩스튜디오, 2021

 동절기 실내조경장식 for Namsan Lotte Castle IRIS, 2021 

 Christmas tree decoration for BEFLOW, 2021

 Christmas tree decoration for Danam Building, 2021

 Visual merchandising displays and flower decorations for LG Chemical in Yeosu, 2021

 Online flower class for KT&G sangsangmadang design square, 2021

 Open Anette Jamsil, 2021

 Visual merchandising displays for Negi sukiyaki Gwangwhamun, 2021

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 LE LABO flower styling , 2021

 Table decoration for Glenfiddich popup store, 2021


 Christmas tree decoration for Glenfiddich popup store, 2020

 동절기 실내조경장식 for Namsan Lotte Castle IRIS, 2020

 Winter flower bouquet delivery for VIP for Infini, 2020

 Downy P&G CF model as scent expert florist, 2020

 Christmas tree decoration for Danam Building, 2020

 Flower decoration for Jimmy Choo dinner party at Poom, 2020

 Lobby indoor landscape design and decoration for Danam Builidng, 2020

 농가살리기 프로젝트 for Infini, 2020

 Popup store for Family month, May at Lotte department store Nowon, 2020


 Christmas display for Shinsegae Timesquare department store, 2019

 Christmas decorations for kiosks at Starfield Goyang, 2019

 VIP preserved flower box 300ea for Guerlain, 2019

 Flower decoration for Gilchae, 2019

 Silk flower decoration for Jenny House cosmetic booth at Olive Young Hongdae Branch, 2019

 Flower decoration for English kindergarten Comoblanc, 2019

 Dried flower mini decoration for Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (꽃파당: 조선혼담공작소) Jtbc, 2019

 Interior landscaping for Sichuan house at Andaz Seoul, 2019

 Flower decoration for Sichuan house at Andaz Seoul, 2019

 Flower table decoration for Bottega Veneta VIP luncheon, 2019

 Green Styling for AppleFox booth for Seoul Jazz Festival, 2019 

 Flower decoration for Edelweiss booth for Seoul Jazz Festival, 2019 

 Flower class for Samsung Electronics Head Office members, 2019 

 Opening day flower decoration for Bottega Veneta at Lotte Department Incheon Terminal, 2019

 Invited as a guest lecturer for graphic design at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design London, 2019 


 Flower class for VIP members’ Kids Christmas party at BanyanTree, 2018 

 Flower Decoration for Opening ceremony for Starfieldcity 위례, 2018 

 Decoration for SMEG christmas Party at CGV청담, 2018 

 Flower Decoration for JIMMY CHOO diamonds sneaker launching party at Kunsthalle, 2018 

 Flower Decoration for JIMMY CHOO VIP dinner table at Gaon, 2018 

 6500roses for Somebody, new program on Mnet, 2018 

 Winter seasonal Flower Class for Banyan Tree members at Festa dining Banyan Tree, 2018 

 Flower Decoration for JIMMY CHOO CUSTOMER OUTREACH EVENT at Signiel Hotel royal suite, 2018 

 Flower Decoration for Edelweiss for SLOW LIFE SLOW LIVE at Olympicpark 2018

 Flower Class for female CEOs invited by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance at Banyan Tree, 2018 

 Parents' day flower retreats for Bottega Veneta VIP customers, 2018 

 Flower Class for Banyan Tree members at Banyan Tree, 2018 

 Plant Decoration for Nescafe Dolcegusto at Famillie Station, 2018 


 Flower Decoration for Jaguar Land Rover Brandstore, 2017  

 Flower crown class for Pigeon at Jisan Rock Festival, 2017 

 Plant decoration for Festa Dining terrace garden at Banyan Tree, 2017 

 Flower decoration and Flower design consulting for Festa Dining at Banyan Tree, 2017 

 Audi R8 LMS Cup at F1 Circuit, 2017 

 Roger Du Buis Watch Class with BMW at Banyan Tree, 2017 

 Easter chapel service flower decoration for Baehwa community Church, 2017 

 Flower exhibition, Kunming, China 2017 


 Flower class for Amore Pacific Makeon at Ploi, 2016 

 Lotte Department Store flower class for LENITH at Park Hyatt Seoul and Busan, 2016

 Home party Flower Decoration styling tips for 여성중앙 12월호, 2016

 Audi Design Challenge at DDP, 2016 

 Roger Du Buis watch fair for Lotte Avenuel, 2016 

 Audi R8 LMS Cup at F1 Circuit, 2016 

 Audi Lounge by BLUE NOTE at CLUB Answer, 2016 

 Cléde Peau Beauté(끌레드뽀 보떼) 뷰티클래스 at The Flower School Anette, 2016 

 행복이 가득한 집 플라워클래스 at ploi, 2016 

 Annick Goutal 'L'ile au The' 뷰티클래스 at ploi, 2016 

 Audi Busan Motor Show at BEXCO, 2016 

 Audi A-Movie Project at MOSS(논현동), 2016 


 Roger Du Buis Christmas Flower Display for Lotte Avenuel VIP, 2015

 Audi Design Challenge at Kunsthalle, 2015 

 Lotte Duty Free Advertising Photography Flower, 2015  

 Roger Du Buis Flower Decoration for Lotte Avenuel VIP, 2015 Wine 칼럼with 길진인터네셔날, 2015 

 Audi A1 Launching at Common Ground and Kunsthalle, 2015

 Audi Lounge by Blue Note Vol.2 at Banyantree, 2015 

 Audi R8 LMS Cup at F1 Circuit(영암), 2015 

 Roger Du Buis Flower Decoration for Hyundai Department Store Watch Fair, 2015

 2015 Seoul Motor Show Audi Flower Decoration at KINTEX, 2015

 Audi A-Movie Project at 대림창고(성수동), 2015 

 주한영국대사관주최2015 영국대학총동문회플라워데코레이션at 명동보버라운지

 Mamonde명동플래그쉽스토어블루밍데이플라워데코레이션, 2015


 Audi Design Challenge 2014 at DDP 

 오중석웨딩스튜디오프리미엄샘플앨범플라워스타일링, 2014 

 배우박건형웨딩촬영플라워스타일링및본식메인부케, 식전부케디자인, 2014  

 리치몬트그룹로저드뷔Roger Du Buis 현대백화점압구정점오프닝플라워, 2014 

 리치몬트그룹로저드뷔Roger Du Buis 롯데백화점애비뉴엘오프닝플라워, 2014 

 리치몬트그룹로저드뷔Roger Du Buis 롯데백화점애비뉴엘VIP 행사플라워, 2014 

 더샘(the SAEM) 신제품립스틱런칭행사, 2014

 리치몬트그룹로저드뷔Roger Du Buis hommage VIP dinner Flower Decoration, 2014

 The real & the ideal 개인플라워전시회, 2014        

Before The Flower School Anette

Previous Experiences

 Vogue Korea(London reporter)

 Lago, Milano Alexander Mcqueen, London 

 SapientNitro, London 

 한화갤러리아, Seoul 

 Profero, Seoul 

 TBWA, Los Angeles 

 Deceber7, Seoul for details

 before becoming a floral designer


Art Director

Interior Stylist

Garden Stylist

Interior/Exterior Landscape Designer

Visual Merchandiser

더 플라워스쿨 아네트, 책 저자  

現 더 플라워스쿨 아네트 대표 

現 Anette 롯데백화점 인천터미널점 대표

現 더 플라워스쿨 아네트 롯데백화점 광주점 대표

現 더 플라워스쿨 아네트 잠실 대표

 Hyundai Department Store 문화센터 강사  

 KT&G 상상마당 아카데미 플라워강좌 강사